The Rise of the Phoenix

Like its mythological counterpart, the Mystical Order of the Phoenix was formed from the burning ashes of discontent with the hope that a new, more inclusive, transparent and vibrant carnival organization could take shape and bring Sisterhood to a new level.

The ten Mystical Order of the Phoenix founders are true Mardi Gras lovers and are dedicated to forming the most amazing carnival experience ever!  They are:  Selina Boone, Kara Borasch, Karen Boudrie, Carla Catalano, Alison Frazier, Dawn Frick, Chanel Labat,  Nikita ‘Mickey’ Milton, Heather Nichols and Gigi Saak.

Mystical Order of the Phoenix

 Mission Statement

The Mystical Order of the Phoenix is established to unite women of diverse backgrounds for fun, friendship and the merriment of the Mardi Gras season. Together we will enhance the spirit of Carnival for our community through a combination of traditional and forward-thinking ideas, resulting in a unique and innovative carnival organization.

We believe women from diverse backgrounds and of all ages and identities deserve to be adored, respected and allowed to let her inner Phoenix rise.


To encourage, foster, promote and cultivate a spirit of sisterhood among Krewe members.  To sponsor, conduct, direct and administer plans, programs and activities relating directly and indirectly to the Mardi Gras season, including but not limited to parades, balls, festivities, ceremonies and events in the city of New Orleans.  To engage in charitable activities and community outreach to improve conditions in the greater New Orleans metropolitan area. 


There are references to the Phoenix in both Greek and Egyptian Mythology. Both are represented by a bird.  However,  in Egyptian Mythology the Phoenix represents the sun, which dies at night and is reborn in the morning. In Greek Mythology the Phoenix is a beautiful, red-gold feathered bird which emits rays of sunshine.  It lived for hundreds of years, and when it died, a new Phoenix rose from its body or ashes. Many ancients believed the Phoenix could control fire and was thus immune to it.  In addition to rebirth, the Phoenix is often characterized by transformation, healing and regeneration.

It is these powers of healing and transformation that give the Mystical Order of the Phoenix its spirit, passion, and its legacy.