Mystical Order of the Phoenix
Are You Ready to Rise?

Formed in 2020, The Mystical Order of the Phoenix’s first parade rolled in 2022.  We are honored to be part of the Knights of Sparta which parades on the First Saturday of the Mardi Gras season.

As a sister organization and a member of the Spartan Society, Phoenix will join her brothers in Mardi Gras for their Spartan parade, yet retains her identity as a uniquely female organization, rolling at the back of the Spartan line up.

The Knights of Sparta/Phoenix parade 2023 is slated for 5:30 pm on Saturday February 11 along the uptown route beginning at Jefferson Ave.

Mystical Order of the Phoenix
Knights of Sparta
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Founded in 1952, the Knights of Sparta take their name from the city-state in southern Greece, renowned for its simple, stoic ways and exemplary disciplines.

The Knights of Sparta, an all-male krewe, first paraded in 1981 in Orleans Parish. The Knights are still known for their elaborate bal masque tableaus and for their traditional, yet innovative, street parade on the first Saturday on the Carnival parade season. This organization is formed by more than 350 male riders. Past throws have included medallion beads, doubloons, Spartan helmets and a top secret mystery throw.

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