Non-Riding Member Agreement

I, the undersigned, being of full legal majority, do hereby submit this non-riding membership agreement to the Mystical Order of the Phoenix (hereinafter MOOTP) for the 2024 parade season. I understand that if I choose to discontinue my membership to the MOOTP at a later date that any payments paid up to that point will not be refunded.

Upon acceptance, I agree to be bound by the Charter and By-Laws of the MOOTP, the Laws of the State of Louisiana and applicable Parish and/or Municipal Laws. In addition, I agree and affirm that no objects may be manufactured, imprinted, marketed, etc. by me or my agent, utilizing the organizational name, crest, logo, etc., in any form whatsoever, nor may objects be marketed to any member in competition with objects sold by the MOOTP, without the expressed permission of the MOOTP.

Also, I hereby acknowledge and agree to Pay in Full indebtedness on my member account. I understand that if I do not pay my dues in full at the time of this agreement, my member profile shall be marked inactive and my membership for the year shall be forfeited.

In consideration for full payment of membership dues, MOOTP agrees to furnish invitations to all Sparta/Phoenix events (including the Bal Masque, the Spartan Society Soiree etc.), the ability to buy Sparta and MOOTP throws and merchandise, and a priority consideration for a riding position in the 2024 parade.

It is further agreed that the MOOTP will furnish the above listed articles upon acceptance of said membership dues, unless the social events are cancelled due to war, Civil disturbance, pandemic, strike, weather, mechanical conditions beyond our control, cancellations by parish or local leaders or national disaster. In such an event, no monies for membership, throws nor any other incidental costs will be refunded.

Additionally, said Member acknowledges her understanding of all rules and regulations governing behavior, and that said member agrees to assume all risks associated with participation in the parade and associated activities, and agrees to release and forever discharge the Mystical Order of the Phoenix and the Spartan Society, Ltd., their founders, officers, board of directors, partners, agents, servants, insurers, assigns and successors of and from any and all damages or losses sustained by the Member as a result of participation in the parade and related activities.

I, the undersigned, being of full legal majority, do acknowledge and accept all articles and financial responsibilities as stipulated in the above agreement.

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